Provides B2B Technology That Grows Business and Raises Incomes

What We Offer to Partners


Application development that incorporates knowledge of the market, for true customization.


We partner with retailers, QSRs, cooperatives, rural banks, MFIs, LGUs, and other organizations that deal with high volumes of cash.


Applications can be co-branded, to extend Partner branding and maintain loyalty by customers.


Applications can be stand-alone, integrated with Partners’ POS ystems, or embedded in Partners’ mobile applications.


Housed within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with security on par with the world’s top companies.
Proven income-generating apps and programs for:

Cooperatives and MFIs

Rural and thrift banks

MSMEs and individuals


Easy to adopt & use.

No license fee.

No maintenance costs.

No upfront costs.

Convenient to operate.

Customized & Integrated.


Every time a consumer pays for an item with cash at a retailer or store, BaryaCard saves and converts the change to digitized and banked money.

It starts with savings

Barya (“change”) is too often disregarded, unused or lost, effectively lowering the income and purchasing power of millions. BaryaCard allows for the simplest and most frequent way to convert money and get it digitized. Consumers get to save and use 100% of their money, retailers and stores get future revenues, and banks get the benefit of the float.  Other services can be added, such as buying micro-insurance. BaryaCard increases financial inclusion, providing a wealth of economic and social benefits.

ASKI BaryaCard

Example of the BaryaCard app successfully used by ASKI Multi-Purpose Cooperative in three regions:

  • Ilocos Region (Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan)
  • Cagayan Valley (Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Quirino)
  • Central Luzon (Aurora, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales

The ASKI BaryaCard provides coop members an array of digital products covering their diverse needs.

Its initial success in using ASKI BaryaCard has prompted ASKI to expand to other regions, all the way to Manila. ASKI welcomes new members from the public.

Other multi-purpose cooperatives that want to grow and prosper may have their own BaryaCard bearing their name.

MFIs can readily replicate the ASKI BaryaCard model in their targeted areas.


LikeCash’s BOSS Bayad program and app provide the formula for bridging the capital gap in reaching the income target

BOSS Bayad Features:

  • Bills Payments: accepts payment of bills
  • Telco Load – offers e-Loading (DITO, Smart, Sun, Globe)
  • Prepaid Top-up – offers loading of prepaid products (EasyTrip, Autosweep, etc.)
  • E-Wallet Top-Up: accepts cash in to another mobile e-wallet (GCash,, Paymaya)


Pabili! allows neighborhood stores to obtain loans to buy stock, order and pay for products, get deliveries, track sales and re-order, without ever handling any cash.

Painless money management for store owners

Neighborhood stores seem like an easy business to run. Perhaps, but they can be much more profitable with Pabili!, the all-in-one mobile app that covers all the owner’s needs: from borrowing money to finance inventory, to counting your profits. Pabili! will estimate the store’s most efficient inventory quantity. No more lost income from being “out of stock”. All the while managing store cash flow.

BaryaCard Micro-Franchises allows micro-entrepreneurs to generate income by offering always-in-demand money services to the public, simply by walking around.

We benefit everyone

Our success can be anyone’s success. LikeCash opens up our technology to qualified micro-entrepreneurs who see the numerous applications borne out of financial technologies as a way to help people be more efficient with their daily money activities, and benefit from doing so.
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